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There are a variety of reasons why we might choose to place our furniture with a Sheffield Storage Company. Perhaps you are going abroad for a time. Perhaps you have downsized your living space. What if the furniture does not go so well with the new decor, but is too valuable to just throw away or sell at a loss, or may be you have inherited some nice furniture pieces from a relative. Affordable self storage can be a welcome solution to many of these scenarios. For Sheffield Rock Storage are the leading company in furniture storage.

However, placing furniture into storage requires some particular considerations so that your pieces are stored correctly. This basically means using the correct furniture covers to keep any unwanted elements, such as dust or dirt, off the furniture materials. Follow the following tips so as to best preserve your stored furniture.

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Using Bubble Wrap

Certain parts of your furniture can be more fragile than parts. Things like table legs, bedposts and woven chair fibers can get scuffed, chipped and scratched easily as they are moved from property into storage and then back into a property. Use a sturdy bubble wrap for these parts to provide them with that much needed layer of protection.

Don’t use Plastic Covers

Plastic covers may seem like a great solution to cover your furniture pieces, being able to keep liquid spillage damage off the cards, and protect them from dirt and dust. The problem is, is that plastic material isn’t breathable, and yes your furniture does need airflow to breathe as it were. Without this your furniture’s natural materials will collect condensation, leading to damage. Rather than plastic sheets always use cotton covers, sheets or removals blankets like the type we use here at Rock Storage Solutions.

Dismantle larger pieces of furniture prior to Sheffield Storage

When preparing your furniture for storage try, if you can, or ask your removals contractor to, dismantle larger your pieces, such as dressing tables, cabinets, beds, sofas, and tables, for easier transportation. These items will now also be easier to store.

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Clean your items of furniture before storage

Before you place your items into storage, make sure that you give each piece a good clean. Wipe down each item with a cloth. Make sure that you note the material type (glass, metal, leather, wood,etc.), and use the correct cleaning products. Remember that incorrect cleaning products can ruin the look and feel of your furniture forever.

Here are a few basics guidelines for soft furniture materials:

  • Linen: Find a cleaning product that specifically notes that it can be used for linens.

  • Leather: Use soap and water.

  • Silk: Use cold water and a mild detergent, probably worth considering professional cleaning service for these items.

  • Cotton: Use water and bleach-free detergent.

Following the above advice will make for less damages to your furniture whilst in transport and in storage. If you consider a professional storage company like rock storage solutions in Sheffield then we provide you with all the advice that you will need prior to placing your items into storage with us. We can even collect and pack your items for you at minimal extra cost, giving you the peace of mind that you require.


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